Daniella Wolf

Established the ESG consulting arm of the business, Danesmead ESG.

Daniella founded the ESG consulting arm of the business, Danesmead ESG, an advisory practice for investment managers, allocators and corporates globally.


She specialises in ESG implementation, designing and incorporating ESG initiatives at both a firm and fund level, providing guidance on incorporating ESG data into the investment process as well as advising on the various ESG industry standards and bodies such as SASB and PRI.


Before Danesmead, Daniella worked at Arrowgrass Capital Partners LLP from 2015 to 2019, where she was a member of the Investor Relations team and sat on both the Business Committee and the ESG Committee. She had responsibility for the complete ODD process, managing relationships with investor and consultant ODD contacts, and for the maintenance of DDQs, RFPs and other investor related materials. She also managed various projects including the launch of a socially responsible investment vehicle (SRI). Daniella represented Arrowgrass on industry working groups including the SBAI (formerly HFSB) Working Group for the Standardisation of the Administrator Transparency Report, the AIMA working group for AIMA DDQ reform, and UN PRI Relative Value Hedge Fund working group.


Daniella previously worked at Goldman Sachs in the Prime Brokerage Hedge Fund consulting team. During her time there, she worked with start-up hedge funds, providing guidance on fund and management company structure, jurisdictional considerations and hedge fund terms, including fees; project planning the launch process; producing budgets and financial forecasts for FCA applications and assisting with the broader FCA application process. In addition, Daniella assisted both start-up and well-established managers with the operational due diligence process – reviewing DDQs and preparing clients for investor ODD visits. She also managed the Talent Introduction programme and provided HR consulting services including the production of an annual European Hedge Fund Remuneration survey.


Daniella provides a range of ESG services, for more information see https://www.danesmeadesg.com.

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